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season, which is from january to the end of may. they say the cove guess for the seals, the environment, and tourism, and the abuse, they've say it happens all the times. >> our immediate response was we were appalled. we've seen the abuse that goes on, on a regular basis, but this was particularly flagrant. most of the time they're not actually kicking the seals and sitting on them. reporter: the seal cam is posted on the city's web site so everybody around the world can actually view them in this habitat. they have not yet caught the people you saw on the surveillance camera actually abusing the seals. '. >> shepard: people upset about the beach closing argue this beach was made for kids, not seals. >> and it's called children's beach, because back in the 1930s they put a 150-foot sea wall in front of there to actually protect the kids from the rough surf, and now the argument is, hey, the kids are out and the seals are in, and you can't even swim nearby because the seal waste has pushed the bacteria levels up to very unhealthy levels. they also claim this is a very popular place to w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1